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Making an Impact! 

Check our Becomingcarmen's reviews from community partners below!


"Carmen is passionate and enthusiastic in everything that she does. She always gives her 100% and has true love for the community. She is an inspiring force and an amazing public speaker."

Julia Ho, St. Louis Mutual Aid


"Carmen is wonderful. Her intuition and emotional understanding of where I am and what I need have been invaluable to me, and her passionate guidance continue to help me find my own path. I want to add that while Carmen is a devoted Christian and I identify as atheist, this difference has, if anything, enhanced our relationship. She makes every meeting a safe space for me and is able to connect and reflect with me even when our views differ."

Jane DeRonne, St. Louis Mutual Aid


" Carmen was incredibly communicative, organized, and strategic. She also was able to pivot and shift her actions to adjust to our needs and environmental challenges. If you are looking for consulting or professional services for your organization or team, we highly recommend Becomingcarmen LLC and encourage you to set up a meeting with Carmen today!"

Jackie Gold, Centering the Caregiver

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 7.39.30 PM.png

"Carmen is a brilliant, thoughtful, creative community change agent, public speaker, and coach. In addition to witnessing her incredible community organizing and leadership, I have received 1:1 coaching with BecomingCarmen that has helped me identify and transform personal barriers while centering healing and self-love. She creates a space for authenticity and deep reflection and has been a true gift in my life!"

Anna Gennari, Foster Youth in Action


"Through the vision of this service provided by Becomingcarmen LLC I have found the direction of my calling. My life's purpose, which being clear on, is an outstanding accomplishment in itself. I knew I wanted to serve people. I was able to explore my heart's desire and in turn the program guided me effortlessly to my true path. I am so grateful! Thank you, Becoming Carmen LLC!"

Shanta Gregory, Meditation Coach

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"Carmen is a visionary force in everything she does. She is an amazing organizer, public speaker, and coach. She empowers others and envisions highly creative and impacting projects centered around relationship. As a coach, she is able to help people get in touch with their inner selves. Through deep listening and insightful reflections and invitations, she skillfully guides the individual to really know their own strengths and abilities."

Kaia Gilje, Community Hub of STLMA


“Carmen is a dynamic, passionate, and motivating leader who has a deep desire to change her community through authentic relationships, fierce accountability, and innovative networking.  Through her innate ability to interweave and leverage community expertise, she has already transformed the lives of many in her community.”

Krysta Grangena, Operations and Wellbeing Director

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