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The Community Hub

An community-based initiative of Becomingcarmen, in solidarity with St. Louis Mutual Aid

In 2020 Becomingcarmen launched The Community Hub, in solidarity with St. Louis Mutual Aid, as a model for building community, empower individuals, and strengthening the collective work and capacity of mutual aid as an organization.  

Through an interconnected network of every day people, the Community Hub brings people together across STLMA to increase connection, mobilize resources, share skills, and provide authentic relationship-based coaching and support for members to achieve their dreams - while pouring back into the community through initiatives led by a cohort of members from the Community Hub!!

Community Hub Impacts this year: ​

  • Launched and funded supported member-led initiatives including a Mutual Aid Pod for Single Moms, a Mutual Aid Pod for Disabled/ Elderly, and a Community Hub Storytelling Project. 

  • Organized over community-led events that brought neighbors together from across the St. Louis Metro area - including a holiday celebrations, community hiking, and home repair events. 

  • Brought over organizations together to strengthen the capacity of mutual aid and increase community engagement. 

  • Distributed food, financial resources, and holidays gifts to over families across St. Louis

The Community Hub is about moving communities from surviving to thriving! But, we need your support to keep up the good work! Operated through Mutual Aid and coordinated by Becomingcarmen, funding to sustain this initiative would go through STLMA directly in the hands of of the community hub!! 

To learn more and donate, just click the link below!!! 

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